Privacy Policy

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As, we prioritize the privacy of our visitors. Within this framework, below you can find the necessary informations about the datas and under what circumstances these datas are stored by both our website and our partners.

Definitions uses some sort of technologies in order to collect and store user datas. These technologies are :

Google Adsense, a Google product that enables publishers to generate revenue by serving advertisements based on website content and audience interests.  

Google Analytics, A web analytics service offered by Google that can track and report website traffic.

Google Ad Exchange (or Google Ad Manager), Another Google program that enables ad serving on websites in cooperation with other certified ad networks.

Ads and cookies

Google and other certified ad networks use cookies in order to show relevant ads based on your previous activities on or another Google affiliate website.

You may see Google ads in line with your activities while visiting You can deactivate the personalized ads on the ad settings page

Click here  to see the list of other Google certified ad networks that perform third party ad serving on You can visit in order to turn off cookies that enables third party advertisement suppliers to show interest-based ads. 

Collected Datas

When you visit , some sort of informations are collected through Google technologies and by the help of cookies and pixels. These datas include :

Type of Device

Type of Browser

Software or Apps

Operating System

Operators Name

Network Informations

IP address



Visited pages

These datas are stored securely by using Google technologies. We don’t keep datas other than your IP address and informations you provide while submitting comments on our website.

Click here to have detailed knowledge on the type of datas as well as how they are stored and used.

You can access detailed informations about how the Google ensures the safety of your datas on this page.

If you do not want your datas to be stored, you can turn off cookies in your web browser, or keep browsing in private mode (also called secret mode or incognito mode). If you are browsing logged in with Google account, you can delete datas by visiting My activity page.